The founder of our facility is Trnava autonomous region.

Home of Social Services for Adults is situated in a village called Košúty about 5km from Galanta and Sládkovičovo and 35km from Trnava. The capacity of the facility is 85 residents and 46 employees.

Our home provides the necessary diligence such as catering five or six times a day, accommodation, the full treatment, leisure activities, cultural activities, consultancy, rehabilitation (relaxing massage, galvanism, mobilisation techniques, acupuncture, EKG, movable-chair and basal-stimulation) and work therapy in our sheltered work-shops (weaving, basket-making, musical therapy, candle-making) for women and men suffering from mental illnesses, behavioural difficulties, sense disturbance or a combination of these. 

The aim of our institution is to: 

  • Transform the passive existence of clients into an active one.
  • Perform integrated human approach to mentally ill persons as to equal, valuable human beings. 
  • Facilitate an active life of clients with emphasis on their bio-psycho-social needs. 

Our clients are being taken care of by professional nurses, work therapeuts, and rehabilitation therapeut.

As the first in Slovakia we obtained the European Certificate of basal stimulation in 2007.

We are helping our clients to cope with the present and return to them feelings of self-value, self-confidence and the desire to live.